Submission Guideline
Submission is open from February 24, 2023 to June 30, 2023 July 15, 2023
Notification of acceptance / rejection date: July 30, 2023  August 10, 2023

Submission of a manuscript implies:
 that the work described has not been published before;
 that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else;
 that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities – tacitly or explicitly – at the institute where the work has been carried out.
 One Full Paper should not be less than 4 pages, including figures, tables and equations.
It is essential that you read and understand the terms of the guideline.
 Papers should be written with the template 
 It is mandatory to provide each author's ORCID (
 Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Click to download template Microsoft Word      click to read the guideline

choose "sigconf",use the packages that are in the recommended packages list. Your article should be prepared in a one-column format. After finalizing the formatting of the paper author must use the option “manuscript” with \documentclass[manuscript]{acmart} command

Peer-Review Process

ICCVIT follows a single blind review process. Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent referees who are experts in the related field. The manuscripts are sent for refereeing after a pre-review by the assitant editor within a week or so after the submission in the required format (manuscripts not in the required format will be sent back to the authors or rejected).

Referees are requested to send their reports within a period of 1-2 weeks. If the chosen referee of any manuscript does not respond within a week, the manuscript is sent to another referee or referees and the process continues till responding referees are found to complete the refereeing process.

On receipt of the referees’ reports, if needed, authors are requested to revise the manuscript along the lines of the suggestions of the referees. Thus the completion of the refereeing process may take time from about 2-4 weeks depending upon the responses from the referees and the authors. However, it is important for the corresponding authors to respond to the referees' comments with a point to point reply and to upload the revised / unrevised version in the specified time, failing which a submission could be rejected with a presumption of no more interest of authors in continuing with the publication. 

The Editor carries out the final review and communicates the decision to the authors. The revised / re-revised manuscript may or may not be subjected to another review by the same or the other referees. No manuscript will go through for publication without a peer review.

Fore reviewers

Reviewers shall give a clear statement of recommendation for each paper. Comments must be included to support their recommendation. These comments should be suitable for transmission to the author. Reviewers should consider the following key points related to scientific content, quality and presentation of the papers: 

Technical Criteria 

• Scientific merit; scientific rigour, accuracy and correctness 

• Clarity of expression; communication of ideas; readability and discussion of concepts 

• Sufficient discussion of the context of the work, and suitable referencing

Quality Criteria

• Originality: Is the work relevant and novel? 

• Motivation: Does the problem considered have a sound motivation? All papers should clearly demonstrate the scientific interest of the results 

• Repetition: Have significant parts of the manuscript already been published? 

•Length: Is the content of the work of sufficient scientific interest to justify its length? 

Presentation Criteria 

•Title: Is it adequate and appropriate for the content of the article? 

•Abstract: Does it contain the essential information of the article? Is it complete? Is it suitable for inclusion by itself in an abstracting service? 

•Diagrams, figures, tables and captions: Are they essential and clear? 

•Text and mathematics: Are they brief but still clear? If you recommend shortening, please suggest what should be removed 

•Conclusion: Does the paper contain a clear conclusion. The conclusion should summarize what has been learned and why it is interesting and useful?

Registration Requirement:

 The approved papers are required to complete publishing registration, only the approved and registered papers will be inlcuded in the conference proceedings.
 ONE Regular registration fee authorizes to submit ONE full paper and presenting at ICCVIT.
 At least one author of each approved papers MUST register with and present at the conference.
 please contact for registration form.

Please find the registration details as below:

Regular Delegates
520 USD / 3600 CNY
Student Delegates
480 USD / 3400 CNY
Listener/Accompanying person
210 USD / 1500 CNY
Additional Page(start at 6)
40 USD / 300 CNY